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Here's How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Do you have a desire to go into business?

Why not partner with us?  You can utilize our network of attorneys, accountants, bankers, insurance agents, website developers and marketing experts to:

  • assist you in establishing the right type of business entity
  • make sure all proper forms with the IRS, State of Florida, Dept. of Revenue, and Dept. of State are completed
  • help you get a proper accounting system in place, to include software install, master files and establish beginning balances
  • establish those lines of credit to get you up and running from the ground up
  • make sure you are adequately insured, and
  • establish your online presence and initial branding

You are already in business, but you:

  • are spending too much time managing your books
  • find that QuickBooks isn’t giving you the information you need – we offer initial data file review, assist with corrections and training; and we offer monthly or quarterly review, reconciliations, and sales or payroll tax returns
  • don’t have the expertise to do a thorough job paying taxes, run a timely payroll, and submit accurate reporting
  • need professional-grade accounting, but can’t afford to hire an in-house bookkeeper
  • have no idea about the financial health of your business
  • dread the annual tax season because your books aren’t even close to tax ready
  • are often frustrated when you can’t get your accounts to reconcile

We understand.  We pick up from where you are now, remedy those problem issues, and partner to ensure a higher degree of confidence and success knowing Your Silent Partner is on the job.

Grow a Healthy Business

System Set-Up

We can help you choose and install the right accounting system for your business, and establish beginning balances.


Need help with your accounting department? We can find the right type of employee for you and/or fill in until you do.


We establish the right type of business entity and file the proper forms with local, state and federal governments.

Payroll & HR

We have the experience to establish policies and procedures.  We can also automate your payroll for any staff size.


We train people doing bookkeeping for the first time or how to transition from another system.  

Audit Prep

Your CPA will love our audit prep work.  We can ready all of your paperwork so your audit is fast and easy.

Client Testimonials

Cathi Atkinson, LCSW

Your Silent Partner provided the accounting services for the company I joined in the early 90’s.  When I decided to set up my own practice, Beverly basically set up my books and taught me how to manage the financial aspect of my practice. Her skills in working with insurance companies and people in general have been invaluable.   I do not know what I would have done without her during the last fifteen years.

Ken DeCerchio, NAMI Florida Board Member

As the treasurer of NAMI Florida, I had the pleasure of working with Beverly Remien for over four years. Ms. Remien is an extremely competent financial management consultant. As NAMI Florida is a non-profit agency with only two staff, Ms. Remien went out of her way to assure the agency’s financial obligations were met, and financial procedures were developed and implemented according to generally accepted accounting principles. Ms. Remien brought additional value to her work through her professional and personal commitment to the agency’s mission, resulting in this volunteer Board member’s belief that Ms. Remien always performed her duties balancing sound financial management with the best interests of the agency.

Bill Summers, PEO Solutions

I have been associated with Your Silent Partner, Inc for about 5 years. I have worked with them on many occasions and found their service prompt, accurate and highly professional. I believe these are traits that are critical to the success of a small business. No matter what profession you are in, I would highly recommend the services of Your Silent Partner, Inc.

Mike McGarvey, President, McGarvey’s Inc.

Great business to have taking care of those taxing issues and daily accounting nightmares.  Beverly and Your Silent Partner takes care of everything for my business. Got a question give her a call, most likely she can help. Helped me with the start-up, and we are still going strong. Thanks!!

David Hemphill, President, USA Homebrokers Inc.

In 2001, I called an ad I believe was in the local paper. I did in fact gain a silent partner that day, better than some actual partners I’ve had in the past. The Remiens are not only good at what they do, they really care. They not only care about doing a good job but care about you. Their work is very detailed and exact. If they have a question they will ask. If they have ideas or thoughts they will share them. To me they have become a family member. Not the one who wants something for nothing, but the one who is there when you need them. If you don’t have them yet you’d better get them soon. I always know where I am with the help of  “My silent partners” the Remiens.

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