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9 Big Mistakes New Business Owners Make

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Start-up funds – Not putting aside enough funds to adequately start your new business.  You should have at least six months of savings or a year at best. Start-up costs usually come in higher than anticipated.  Improper Budgeting – Not budgeting the true costs (expenses) to run your new business until adequate revenue (sales and actual deposits)…

Questions to help you decide if you should outsource your bookkeeping

1. Can you give me a few suggestions on how we can make the bookkeeping system more efficient? Your bookkeeper should always be looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your bookkeeping system.  Simple efficiencies can be made in QuickBooks like using memorized transactions, printing checks from QuickBooks, downloading QuickBooks transactions or linking online bill pay with QuickBooks. …

Five Places Where Spending More Pays Off

 It’s generally a good idea to keep overhead costs low so that your business profits will be higher.  This is especially true with items that are easily commoditized and fairly standardized, such as utilities and rent.  But there are times when increasing expenses pays off nicely, and here are five areas to consider so you…

The Entrepreneur’s Paycheck

As business owners, we may be so busy making sure the bills get paid and the product gets out the door that we may not be quite as proactive about our own compensation.  To pay themselves, many new business owners take what’s left after employees and vendors have been paid, and that ends up being…