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Your Silent Partner, Inc.

Accounting & CFO Services

Serving Clients Since 1996
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Our Service Philosophy

Your Silent Partner provides services tailored to fit the needs and style of each particular business owner. This requires getting to know the owner and the business that he or she operates. Working with the business owner, we review the way their daily tasks are now accomplished, discuss possible alternatives, and then select the services which can most efficiently meet their needs.

If training is necessary to implement some aspect of the plan, Your Silent Partner can provide the training or recommend outside sources of instruction. We want to develop a system of services which meets normal administrative obligations, but which also meets your needs as a business owner. Your Silent Partner works behind the scenes to provide excellent customer service. We remove the worry of day to day operational management so you can concentrate on building your clientele.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

If your business does not currently have an accounting staff or a bookkeeping system, we can provide comprehensive bookkeeping and write-up services to ensure the smooth operation of the financial side… read more

CFO Services

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Is your business too small for a full-time controller, yet experiencing an increased need of more financial expertise and guidance. We can provide typical CFO Services: Internal Control System… read more

Money Management Services

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Get piece-of-mind financial assistance if you can no longer handle your personal banking with our money management services: Personal Bill Pay for Busy Individuals and Seniors Monthly Bank R… read more

Non-Profit Services

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With Your Silent Partner providing non-profit services, you will have the ability to use your full-time staff to focus on your mission rather than your finances. Your Board of Directors will have co… read more

Payroll Processing

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Need a Headache-Free Payroll Solution? If you’ve ever made a payroll mistake or missed a deadline that cost you big money in fines and penalties, you’re not alone. One in three companies has… read more

QuickBooks & Peachtree Support

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Your Silent Partner can help you organize your finances and bookkeeping all in one place. Software is available in many different varieties, providing a range of capabilities and features. We can… read more