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If you’ve ever made a payroll mistake or missed a deadline that cost you big money in fines and penalties, you’re not alone.  One in three companies has been charged with a mistake, and the penalty averages hundreds of dollars.  We’ll happily take charge of all of these requirements, deadlines, and responsibilities.

  • Calculate and process payroll with a direct deposit option
  • Payroll tax deposit/payment processing
  • Preparation of Quarterly Payroll Tax Forms
  • Preparation of Annual Payroll Tax Forms
  • Preparation of W-2’S
  • Deductions of Garnishments, Insurance and employee benefits


There are many more “headaches” we can assist you with.  These include:

  • Poster compliance (to avoid hefty fines a small business cannot afford)
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Worker’s compensation audits
  • New hire reporting (required for child support delinquencies)
  • Time tracking forms and paperwork retention requirements
  • Job costing

Got contractors?  Although contractors are handled differently than employees, labor is labor and we find that many small business owners forget about 1099s until the last minute.  We can help you with your 1099 compliance, W-9 requests, and 1099-K reconciliations (a new requirement as of 2011).

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